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The Hairloom is situated within the historic Dean Clough Mills, a short walk from Halifax town centre. Parking is available within Dean Clough and surrounding areas.

In the salon you can experience a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where not only the highest quality of hairdressing is available but also exceptional customer service, complemented by our range of hair care products and treatments. From baby’s first haircut to that all important wedding day, we pride ourselves on our high standards and the care that goes into ensuring you have great hair everyday.

The Hairloom is co-owned and run by Frances Mayall and Karla Hirst, who have combined knowledge and experience of over 20 years.

Fran likes to keep up wth new and upcoming trends whilst Karla has a flair for colouring and pin-ups.

Using expert cutting skills, advanced colouring and permanent waving techniques, we strive to innovate and inspire to ensure looking after your hair is effortless, uncomplicated and above all, enjoyable.